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Moral bankruptcy of Roman hierarchy read into record of United Nations Human Rights Council 
In a posting on this site in July of this year entitled Vatican 13 years delinquent in submitting legally required UN report on 'Rights of the Child' in July of this year we reported on the unconscionable ignoring by the Vatican of a UN request for a report on Vatican handling of child abuse.

In this month's issue of Conscience -- The News Journal of Catholic Opinion -- the journal reports that although a Vatican representative said in a UN meeting before July that the report was being prepared as they spoke, here it is December, and once again, the Vatican has failed not only to honor the UN request for the 13th year, but even to honor its own word that it would soon produce it.

The Vatican strategy: Skewing the numbers, redefining "child"

In a statement made in July 2010, SNAP national reported on the Vatican's obstinate ignoring of the UN Committee on Rights of the Child. At the end of that report, there is a link to a UN Webcast of a spoken statement made by a Vatican representative during the twelfth session of the UN Human Rights Council. You may view that Webcast (link at the end of this item) and read the transcript which we have prepared from it.

In that statement, the Vatican priest-spokesman says that the report which the Vatican has ignored submitting for 13 years, "is finalized." That was July. This December. No report, still.

In this still-unsubmitted report, the "holy see" spokesman said, some 13 years after being asked for it, that "a paragraph will be dedicated to the problem of child abuse by Catholic clergy."

That's right -- "a paragraph."

The speaker then reads into the record the following unbelievable, but verbatim statement:

"While many speak of child abuse as pedophilia, it would be more correct to speak of ephebophilia being a homosexual attraction to an adolescent male.

"Of all priests involved in the abuses, 80 to 90 percent belong to this sexual orientation minority which is sexually engaged with adolescent boys between the age of 11 and 17 years old."

This suggests to the United Nations that the definition of "child" be reserved for individuals under the age of 11, and that "adolescent" refer to the age group 11 to 17.

Most likely, these are the mind-boggling definitions the priest had in mind when his statement began systematically blaming the sexual abuse crisis on -- instead of his own church and colleagues -- in order of appearance: Protestants, Jews, school teachers, family members, babysitters, neighbors, family friends or relatives, and even other children!

We have stated it here before, and reiterate now: The Roman Catholic Church, and the popes/priests/bishops who run it, have become morally bankrupt. That is now in the record of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

Read it and/or watch it for yourself:

Listen to the Webcast here ...
Read the Webcast transcript ...

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