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Secular court supervision, and leadership of women create priest abuse prevention plan for indicted Catholic diocese 
Under a deal struck with the court to avoid more criminal charges, the Roman Catholic diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is following the leadership of two women who have created a 3 step plan that Roman bishops and their pope have refused to implement for centuries prior.

In a case that represents a shift toward holding the Catholic Church hierarchy legally accountable for failing to warn parents or police about abusive priests, and under 5 years of county prosecutor supervision, the church that refuses women ministerial leadership roles, has accepted their court-watched leadership to avoid further prosecution, and is allowing the women to plan the protection of the diocese's innocents from abusive and pedophile priests.

The womens' plan, in its simple essence, is this. 

When abuse is suspected, 

1. Call the police;
2. Call an abuse hotline;
3. Call the church -- IN THAT ORDER.
"The diocese’s model for responding to abuse concerns has changed fundamentally. The initial response has been taken out of the hands of clergy" -- Carrie Cooper,  leader of child protection efforts for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

We would suggest one change in the plan for our site's visitors and readers: if your own diocese is not under court insistence to comply, AND under leadership other than clergy, then the plan should be this:

  1. Call the police;
  2. Call an abuse hotline - period.

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States has, for over ten years, ignored SNAP's insistence that they do precisely that.

Now, out of one hand,
  • The KC diocese  lawyers attack SNAP -- with obvious approval from the USCCB;
And out of the other hand,
  • under criminal indictment, secular court supervision, and the leadership of women, the diocese starts protecting its children.

The result of this secular enforcement finally begins to put some parishioner donations -- and the actual protection of the innocent -- where only their priests', bishops' and pope's mouths have been in the past.

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