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New Jersey Assembly votes to ease statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse in spite of strong Catholic opposition  

It can take many years to come to terms with abuse and to be able to talk about it, much less pursue legal action.

However, under most current law, victims of childhood sexual abuse have only a short time after they reach adulthood, or after they first realize, as an adult, that they had been abused – to seek justice from the institution where the abuse occurred.

Clearly, state statutes of limitations favor the abuser over the abused.

However, in New Jersey yesterday, it was reported that the State Judiciary Assembly voted to lift the state’s 2 year limit on the rights of victims to bring civil suits against the churches, schools and other organizations that failed to protect the children in their care.

The bill, if finally passed, would lift the time limit on lawsuits against alleged abusers as well as the institutions that employ them, and establish a two-year window for anyone to refile a suit that was dismissed because the statute of limitations had expired.

Chief among those who argued to continue limiting the rights of their child victims was the Roman Catholic Church, as is typically the case in disputes over statutes of limitations.

Read the full story in the North New Jersey news …

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